# How quickly can I get a refund?

Merchant access to the IEPay operational backend: https://a.mypaynz.com (opens new window)

Enter the user name and password you received after opening an account successfully. 2. (2) Enter the Transaction page, you can search by entering the "partial" order number or time. (3) Click the Refund operation. (3) Click Refund to make a refund. (4) If the account income balance is sufficient for the day, you can complete the refund. If your account income balance is insufficient, the system will pop up a QR code, please follow the above requirements to scan the code to top up your account, after successfully topping up your account, you can make a refund again.


For normal same-day orders, the Refund button is: Refund, and for next-day orders it is: Forece Refund. As a result of the transaction, the merchant is currently paid on a regular cycle according to the agreement signed between the merchant and MYPAY. In case of insufficient balance on the same day, no refund will be made. You will need to contact customer service for subsequent refunds.


# What is the refund arrival time?

Refunds via IEPay are instantly processed on the same day the transaction order is processed. Since it involves cross-border transactions, if the refund is not made on the same day of the transaction order, it will be processed within 24 hours. WeChat and Alipay are the official refund transaction times.

# Refund code?

In order to protect the safety of the merchant's funds, the refund requires a refund password. For new merchants, the refund password needs to be initialized on the platform system.

# Forgot your refund password?

Merchants can access the MYPAY backend: https://a.mypaynz.com (opens new window)

Click on "Forgot your payment password?" and then click on "Confirm", the refund password will be reset automatically. The new payment password will be sent to the account opening email address. After the merchant gets the new payment password, he/she can make a refund.

Or contact customer service.